The 30 year old Bastiaan Zijlstra from the Netherlands, lives in a Dutch city called Drachten, in the north of the country.
Influenced by his father who was a guitarist of the unfamous (and very realistically named) band ‘Disillusion‘ in the 70’s and early 80’s, Bastiaan has a passion for music. After Bastiaan was captivated for playing the drums in his youngest ages, at an age of 8 he decided to wanna become a guitarist. After one year of hard studying on the ukelele with teacher Jack Frölich, he started following guitar courses at the famous Dutch guitarist/songwriter Nanne Kalma.

Together with Nanne they played most of the time classical songs, but during these courses Bastiaan also got inspired by songs from the 70's. After 13 years of study he decided to quit following courses at Nanne (allthough they still make music together ones in a while). However, his guitar carreer didn’t finish.
Inspired by great YouTube artists like MattRach and David Choi also Bastiaan joined YouTube. Here he shares a huge number of instrumental covers under his artist name “Bastiaan77”.

Since January 2008, Bastiaan works together with musical genious Jimmy Gelhaar from Denver, Colorado. With only the internet as their communication system they created a cover of the Eagles' "Hotel California". Early 2010, this was the most viewed cover of this song at YouTube with close to 6 million views. Unfortunately, the video had to me removed due to a copyrights claim. However, you can still find the audio of their cover (and more!) at this website!

In April 2008, the first Bastiaan77 album is released (Limited Edition). This album includes the hitsingle "Hotel California" (featuring Jimmy Gelhaar). The album has been made available by PVM, but is unfortunately not for sale.

The album.

The gear Bastiaan performs his music on exists of an acoustic Furch
S-20, an electric Fender Stratocaster (USA) and the bassguitar he uses is a handbuild Maruszczyk Elwood 4p.
Next to this he uses for effects and recording the Line 6 POD X3 Live, a Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 interface and finally a SE 2200a condenser mic.

Bastiaan77's gear.
Warning! New song in the making..
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