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Giovanni (21-07-09, 02:20)
Really you are a genius of the music.
Very nice sound

best regards from Italy
Jelmer Leenstra (19-07-09, 20:44)
Yoo Bastiaan,

Via een tip van Alexander kwam ik op je site. Echt enorm mooi wat je doet met je gitaar (en samen met die andere kerel)! Keep up the good work... And I will check you're site fur the upcomming updates!

Groeten Jelmer
Marten Jan Krist (18-07-09, 10:06)
Beste Bastiaan,
Wat een complimenten als ik zo die reacties allemaal lees
in je gastenboek. En terecht zo als men reageert!!
Stairway to heaven is een hemels nummer zoals Led Zep het
bracht maar zoals jullie het uitvoeren is echt een klasse apart.
Complimenten!! Vertel me eens Bastiaan wat voor apparatuur
je hebt behalve die strat en die jazzbass. Volgens mij is die jazz geen Fender dacht ik. Tenminste ik kan het logo op de kop niet goed zien. Trouwens zo als jij die solo speelt is zeer smaakvol hoor. Ga vooral zo door jullie 2. Ben benieuwd wat dit gaat worden. Hou jullie in de gaten. Schrijf je zelf trouwens ook nummers Bastiaan? Ben ik zeer benieuwd naar.
ps. ook de complimenten vvor de stem van Jimmy!!

Groetjes van Drachtengenoot Marten Jan Krist (bekende van je moeder via Maartenswoude )
Piet Hein de Bok (14-07-09, 22:20)
Beste Bastiaan and dear Jimmy Gelhaar,

Found your clips just by coincindence.
You make a remarkable couple!!
Never seen such a beautiful cooperation. Your "covers" even are better than the originals.
Bastiaan, whenever you go to the States to visit Jimmy, i'lll be glad to join you. The beer is on my cost.
Geweldig jullie beiden.

Met vriendelijke groet,
Piet Hein
Ben (06-07-09, 21:58)
Jongens jullie maken bangelijke muziek!
dexter (05-07-09, 06:08)
Hats off to you and jimmy on a job well done with Hotel California. My all time favorite, greatest song ever written. Thank you for keeping it as original as possible, yet adding your style. The fact that you guys did this thousands of miles apart......I'm impressed. I was actually searching for a guitar to purchase, to learn how to play also and somehow ended up on a site with this song, naturally, I had to play it through and see who you guys were/are. you got my reaction...thank you!
Robert Hobbs (04-07-09, 18:48)
Greetings from Baton Rouge, Louisiana USA. The rendition of HOTEL CALIFORNIA was the best I have ever heard. Keep up the good work. Can't wait for more.
jhonatan (01-07-09, 22:38)
Congrats!!! Nice performance!!! The best cover of Hotel California I've ever heard!!! Greetings from Peru.
Ginny (27-06-09, 17:49)
I just viewed your "Hotel California" video on youtube (8 times!). 'Amazing' is the only word I can think of.

I am a 57 year old beginning guitar student in Colorado. I've had only 3 lessons, but watching you play really inspires me to work at it. I have a long, long way to go, though, before I make it to your level. Wow, what amazing skill and style. Thank you for putting this on youtube.

The quality of this video really is astounding. And you did it on Garageband!?! Your talent is not only musical, but high tech, too.

Thanks for the great video. I will send it to many friends.
selcuk (22-06-09, 17:44)
First of all, thank you very much as a listener. You 're a good musician and a solid guy. My ears have been cleaned.
Thanks man ...
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